Finally, Some Good News!

Do you believe in jinxing yourself? I feel like I jinx myself all the time, this time though, I’m pretty happy about it!

Last week, I finally got myself to the doctor, and I was not at all happy with the appointment (you can read all about it here). To be honest, before I even went, I was ready to get a second opinion because I felt like I had plateaued with my current doctor and it was time for a fresh perspective.

Right after that appointment, I went to get updated lab work and the next day, I stalked Quest like I stalk my packages. I was checking every few hours, and at the end of the day, I struck gold!

Not only were my results ready… they were good!

I’m very excited to officially announce that my TSH is a 2.73! The lowest it has ever been!

My free T4 is still at 1.4 and free T3 is 2.7, but they have always been within a good range.

My antibodies, however, are stubborn and are sitting at 304, but that’s better than the 353 they were in July!

These are the most positive results that I’ve had since November 2019, so I am pumped!

Now, this begs the question… do I still want to get a second opinion? Let’s begin with the fact that I was supposed to get an email when my lab results came in with my doctor’s suggestion on dosage… not a peep as of yet, and their portal doesn’t even have my updated labs.

You can probably guess the answer.

Yes, I am definitely still going for a second opinion and I’ll tell you why. It’s less about my TSH and more about my antibodies. TSH can be managed with medication, as my lab work shows, the dose I’m on is working. The problem is that this is all a bandage to the real problem. The underlying issue of Hashimoto’s disease is that my antibodies are attacking my thyroid, which makes it underactive, forcing me to mitigate the issue with medication. Let me just say, I am not at all opposed to medication. It works. It helps. But, if you aren’t trying to treat the real cause, you aren’t doing much. I’m comfortable with the fact that I may very well be on medication for the rest of my life, but I’d like to see if I can do anything else to help lower my antibodies.

My plan is to see a specific doctor I found in the area, he is an endocrinologist and internist and very well rated (let’s hope they take my insurance). I’m hoping he will have some insight into what else I can do. As I continue on this journey, I’m learning a lot. One of this things that I’ve started to realize is that many endocrinologists will only treat based on TSH, their only goal is to lower it, which is good, but that won’t help many of us with Hashimoto’s.

And so, onward on this Hashimoto’s journey I go. Fingers crossed that I can continue on the path of good news.

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